~ Lunch with My Sweetheart ~

My Captain fought a fire from 10:30 last night until the wee hours of the morning and then went back again later this morning when the same homeowner saw some smouldering ash and panicked again.

My Captain’s shift, 31C, and the crews from surrounding stations made what is called a good “Knock”.  They stopped the garage fire from taking the entire house.  A valiant effort was made by all, and it was a fantastic save!

That was last night.  Then this morning, he traveled over to another fire station where he is riding on the Tower (the big ladder truck with a bucket at the top) for 24 hours.  My Captain has his nose to the grindstone, he does!

Why does he work so hard?

1) The county needs people to work!  We are short on medics and officers, especially in the summer months when people take time off to be with their families. He feels a duty to his fellow citizens to make sure they are covered.

2) We, like the rest of the country, are struggling to make ends meet and he is wise to make hay while the sun shines.

3) He loves his job.

4) He probably needs frequent breaks from a goofy wife.

5) He doesn’t know how to relax and let moss grow under his feet.

So we took Sunday Brunch to him today, Varmint, Critter, and I.  We took Steak and Eggs in Red-Eye Gravy, Southern Greens, and Bean and pickled watermelon rind salad.

No, I didn’t cook all of that.  I actually ordered and picked it up from Alexanders, in Buckeyestown.  I figured it would be different from the Dunkin Doughnuts meal he was probably going to partake in if we didn’t bring him something.  ( I didn’t say healthier, I said different.)

I didn’t take a picture…he wolfed it down too fast.

I may not be able to help his sleep-deprived state, but no one, NO ONE, will ever be able to accuse me of letting My Captain go hungry.

While I was paying the bill for My Captain’s Steak and Eggs to go, Chef Chris came out and informed me that this Wednesday he’s going to be serving Ribs, family style at Alexander’s in Buckeyestown.  He smokes it himself.  He slow cooks everything himself.  He is the KING of Southern in this part of the county.


guess where I will be Wednesday night?

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