~ Heart of Rock ~

We’re home now, but while we were at the beach, Critter surprised me with a random act of kindness.  I was rushing around, doing whatever it is I do when I’m rushing around, and he came behind me with a “Mom!  Mom!  Mom mom mom mom mom!”

I answered with an exasperated, “WHAT?!”

And he braved my snarkiness with a held out hand and a grin.

“I found this rock.  It looks like a heart, so I brought it to you.”



He brought it to me because it is the most natural thing in the world that when he finds a heart-shaped rock, he thinks of his mom.

Who will be my supplier of heart-shaped rocks when he grows up and wants to give them to his girlfriend, or wife, or daughter?


In case you’re wondering, that rock is now safely tucked away.  It’s worth more than any store-bought jewel to me.

Kinda like he is.

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One thought on “~ Heart of Rock ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Yup. Save those puppies! When I was childless, I used to save special rocks now & then – including a (store-bought) heart-shaped one. When I became a mom, I suddenly started saving LOTS of special rocks – some of them look like hearts, or the state of Ohio. Some of them have interesting lines or colors in them or even fossils. Some of them look just like – rocks… But ALL of them are special because my kid found them and thought of me! She just knew I NEEDED that special rock! I still have ’em all! =)

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