~ The Mother Of Invention ~

Hello my friends!  I’m so sorry I’ve been gone a while.  I’ve been on vacation, had problems like power outages, and came home to a house in 100 degree heat without a working air conditioner.   Inexplicably, at no time during all of that did I feel like sitting down to write.

But all is fixed now, and I’m finding the humor in the last couple of days.

Case N Point:

We had cleaned out the freezer before we left for the second leg of our beach stay last week.  In the process of leaving, we remembered to turn the ice maker back on, but we, er, forgot to put the bucket back under it.


So when we got home, and I opened the freezer door, I got this:

What is that, you say?  Why it’s ice cubes about knee-high in the bottom of the freezer, in the freezer door, and all over my kitchen floor, thank you very much.

And yes, it’s obvious My Captain must have married me for my looks, ’cause it clearly wasn’t for my brains.

Hey, for giggles, let’s get a close-up of that thar catastrophe!

You Betcha!  I’m happy to show my latest screw up!

Well, here is where, AGAIN, My Captain uses his Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome talents.  Visualize us late at night, having just driven home from the beach, it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s 105 degrees in the house, and there is no working Air Conditioning.   We are a little (and by little, I mean HUGELY) crabby, and want to just fall into bed.  But who can sleep in that kind of heat and humidity?

So My Captain gathers up all the wasted ice cubes, puts them in an under the bed storage box we happened to have laying around (doesn’t everyone?), and A LA Wyle E. Coyote, jerry-rigged the following home-made air-conditioner:

He’s like my own McGuyver, only sexier.

No, really.

I have to tell you, I really love that guy.   I suspect he would have not only caught the Road Runner, but he’d have had it roasting on a home-made spit, on a perfectly made campfire, basting in a gourmet marinade before you could say, “The air conditioner’s $800.00 motor broke and needs replacing.”

Ya can’t have him, he’s mine.  Go get yer own.






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3 thoughts on “~ The Mother Of Invention ~

  1. Jennifer

    I love this! I can’t stop laughing at the mountain of ice cubes on the bottom of your freezer! Priceless!!

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Hilarious! & Genius!!

  3. Anonymous

    Glad we didn’t open the freezer while you were gone 🙂

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