~ Recruits ~

Two-Year-Old Twins + Boys + Firetrucks = Pure Joy

My dear friend Eleny and her boys came to visit us this weekend, and of course we took the boys to My Captain’s fire station.  You would have thought we had taken them to Nirvana.

First there was active exploring of the apparatus.  Including fine crevice check.

And then there was inspection of the Officer’s seat.

A full circle check of the outside of the vehicles.

A lot of up and down-ing with the help of my Varmint.

Then inspection of the Officer Seat of the Ladder Truck.

And driver side of the Engine, with the help of a Master Firefighter.

And a high-five to boot.

Oh Zach is READY to drive this baby.

Look at the dreaming going on here.  This might be the start of something beautiful.

Yes, Zach may be well on his way to becoming a recruit.

But Vince is happy to stay with Mom and My Varmint a little while longer.

He knows a good thing when he sees it.

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