~ Charades ~

I don’t know why, but my butt was dragging today.  All Day.

I made it as far as 6:00pm, faking consciousness most of the time leading up to it. Both kids had friends over and we were visiting grandma.  I kerplunked down on the Chaise Lounger on her screened porch.

The sky was a beautiful blue.

The breeze was cool and gentle.

The red and gold finches and tufted titmice were chirping gaily along on a nearby feeder.

My son and his best friend were playing on the Wii and I could hear then laughing in the distance.

My daughter and her best friend were chatting away with Grandma on the porch near me.

Except for my swollen, painful knee and complete and life-sucking lethargy, all was well with the world.

And then there was nothing.


I awoke to laughter.  I don’t know how long I had been dozing, but the sky was now a dark shade of gray, and I was aware of a new crick in my neck.

As I climbed out of the sleepy fog, I could see that my Varmint and her friend were playing charades with Grandma.  They saw me wake up and were quick to show me how they had used me during their game.

Varmint assumed a sleeping posture, with her mouth agape at a rather unflattering angle, and started snorting.

Which made them all giggle.

I have a horrible suspicion that it will only be a few years until I awake from one of these spontaneous naps to find either sharpie ink on my face, or shaving cream in my ear. Or my hand in a bowl of warm water.  Or pictures of me drooling on my pillow on the internet.

And no, I don’t believe for one moment that my mother would stop them.

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One thought on “~ Charades ~

  1. Anonymous

    I am crushed that you think I wouldn’t protect you…..you are, of course, correct, but I am crushed nonetheless……..

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