~ Stop!!! ~

My Varmint’s teacher asked for a photo of her from around kindergarten.  Apparently they are putting something with photos together for the graduating 5th graders.  Since I homeschooled my Varmint then, she didn’t have a school picture, so they asked me to send one in.

THAT was a huge mistake.

Once I started going down memory lane in the photo albums, I was a goner.  My big 10-year-old was once this adorable little munchkin:

She used to hang on my every word.  She used to giggle with me about Barney and The Wiggles and Baby Einstein.   She used to carry three binkies around at a time (one in her mouth and one in each hand) and switch them out whenever the moment felt right.

She was perfect.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, she still is.

But in a different way.

And I miss the little one.  I love the big one, and I miss the little one.

She just keeps growing and maturing and I wish to hell it would STOP!

I hate Memory Lane.

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One thought on “~ Stop!!! ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    *Sigh* I have a memory of a photo I took of her spinning around in your (old) kitchen with her skirt twirling & my kid (slightly smaller) watching her in wide-eyed wonder & adoration… Need to find that pic…

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