~ What The….. ~

I jot notes down to myself when something comes my way that might be fun to write about here on Mama Boe.  Sometimes when I don’t have paper, I’ll just send myself an email via my phone, and jog my memory that way.  Then, when I have a moment to write, I open up my emails, and see what topics hit me throughout the day.  It’s a pretty good system.

Sometimes, though, I’ll send my self messages so cryptic, it’s like it wasn’t even me who sent them.

For instance, today I was going though my mailbox and came across one such email from a few weeks back.  I cannot figure out what subject matter I was suggesting I write about.  I’m hoping you can help me.  Here it is:

Fix the port side& fix the port side battery. Change places-chinese fire drill. Hold on, i gotta think for a minute.

Do you have any idea what this blog is supposed to be about?

‘Cause I sure don’t.

My mind is a scary place.


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2 thoughts on “~ What The….. ~

  1. captain9

    Fix the “port side” sounds like something from your sailing trip. Port side being the Left side of the boat. I could totally see a chinese fire drill position change when out sailing to get the right people at the right places on the boat based on strength and expertise. But that is just a guess on my part.

  2. Breall

    That one makes perfect sense. You were looking at a wall clock. There was something dangling on the port side (remember, you’re a boater now and you have to throw around some nautical lingo every now and then). In fact, the dangling thing was operated by a battery, so it must be bad, too. No, wait, it’s the other side of the clock, but you don’t recall the name for the non-port side. So, Chinese fire drill. The “think for a minute” makes it all so clear!

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