~ Traditional Easter…uh…Meatloaf ~

I’ve made only a handful of meatloaves in my 45 years.  I think the name is what has turned me off, frankly.  I mean, it’s just a hamburger with a little extra filler in it.  What’s not to like? What is it about the word ‘Loaf’ that makes me flinch?

I have several bacon-brained friends who are putting bacon into everything lately (see ~ Meat Hug From God ~ ) and I had the probably unoriginal idea to put bacon on top of the loaf-of-meat I’d made tonight.

For Easter Dinner.

I took an entire pound of bacon and laid each slice lovingly across the top of my loaf-of-meat.  And then poured ketchup with brown sugar and steak sauce, etc, on top of that.  Turned the oven on to 350 and let-er-rip.  For like, an hour.

Lord Almighty.  The bacon raised the meatloaf to a whole new level.

I know with all the hype Bacon has been receiving lately, you might roll your eyes at this one…but please…PLEASE, do this.  Cover your loaf of meat with bacon, and love it.  Love it like no other meatloaf before it!

(Those are Crash Potatoes on the side, by the way.  I got the recipe from Ree Drummond.  Fantastic.  My Captain has declared it to be one of his new favorites!)

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