~ Emily ~

Have you ever met a person who was much younger than you, but seemed so much older?  My friend Vicki and I were served dinner by one last weekend.  Her name was Emily, and even though we only had a short interaction with her, she could have been one of my own old cronies.

She is in her early 20’s.  She has the world before her.  She has optimism, hope, energy.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her what fun little gifts life has in store for her.  I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I used to be a LOT like her…before I was BEATEN DOWN TO THIS BARELY RECOGNIZABLE SHELL OF MYSELF.

(Insert Soap Opera music)

And then I realized, that the youthful ball of fire I used to be, like Emily is now, is still within me.  It’s still here.  It just comes out in different ways now.

And no, I’m not talking about my uncontrollable middle-aged-wrought flatulence.  Well, at least not ONLY that.

My humor is different.  My perception of life is different.  Sure, I’m a little more  cynical.  Yeah, I’m less likely to smile at a stranger.  You betcha I carry a larger sack of humility around.  (Ever seen Santa’s sack?  It’s bigger than that.)  Yes, my ball of fire no longer burns as brightly as Emily’s does.

But it still burns.

And, frankly, we need to make room for the Emilys out there.

Here she was clearing our glasses from the table, and shining.  SHINING.

You GO girl!

Emily is a budding Photographer.  Look her up:


Let’s give her a hand up.

Because she is us, decades ago.  And I want her to succeed.  If she succeeds, we all do.

And by all, I mean the collective ALL.  The esoteric All.  The universal All.

Heavy stuff, man.

But look at that smile.  Don’t you just want it to go on forever?

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One thought on “~ Emily ~

  1. Anonymous

    this is my little sister and i couldn’t agree with you more. i look up to her and i’m two years older.

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