~ Meat Hug From God ~

Several years ago, when I was volunteering at Fire Station 29 in Montgomery County, MD, I met a terrific guy who was just starting his career as a firefighter.  May I present to you:

Jerry.  (That’s him on the right after a working fire.)

Jerry went on to become a Paramedic as well.  Smart guy, this Jerry.

Jer has a fetish that he makes no bones about.  He’s pretty proud of it.


His wife, Susie, puts up with it admirably.  Not that she really has a choice.

She is a woman of patience and understanding, our Susie.  Because, you see, Jerry loves Bacon more than is normal.  More than is healthy.  More than is, well, rational.

He likes it in his salt.

He likes it in his vodka.

He likes it in his candy canes.

He likes it on his chocolate.

Once he brought me some chocolate covered bacon.  I will tell you, dear friends, that though I sincerely appreciated his offering, I never, never, never want to taste that nastiness again.  Ever.

Susie informs me that he likes it in his mayo, he likes it on his band-aids, he has bacon-flavored envelopes, and he’s currently begging her to put bacon in her chocolate chip cookies.

As I said….excessive.

As a Paramedic, and knowing what the evils of pork fat can do to an artery, you’d think he’d be all about moderation.


But there is one time of year when he can abstain from bacon totally.    Lent.  Jer is a devout Catholic, and he takes Lent very seriously.  So Bacon, his biggest love, next to his dear Susie and two beautiful children, is what he gives up for Lent.  I guess that makes sense, because he doesn’t want to give Susie up for Lent, and Children’s Services won’t let him give his kids up for Lent, either.  So bacon is the sacrifice.

Like any other devout Catholic, he gorged himself on his love before it started.  I’ll be surprised if his blood can move at all by the time he’s my age.

Then again, maybe by the time his arteries occlude entirely, they’ll have bacon-scented Oxygen at hospitals, and he’ll enjoy the ride.

Bacon.  As Jer would say, “It’s a Meat Hug from God.”

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6 thoughts on “~ Meat Hug From God ~

  1. Susie

    Whoo hoo I’m in your blog! Even if the post is about my paragmagician hubby…but I am okay with that 🙂 You forgot the Baconnaise…bacon band-aids…bacon flavored envelopes…I could go on and on. He’s been begging me to make bacon-chocolate chip cookies…I hear they’re not bad!!

  2. Victoria "mizamigo"

    Actually, tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday – last day to get in all that bacon goodness for Gerry! Wednesday is Ash Wedsnesday – start of Lent. 40 days of either giving up something or doing something else that will help you or someone else. But for 40 days, it’s doable. I’m giving up diet cokes and know that at the end of the 40 days, I’ll probably be totally diet coke free and it will help me a lot.

    Happy Lent, Pam!

  3. Jerry

    Thanks for the mention! I do love me some bacon, but my name is spelled with a “J”, not a “G”. And I’m also giving up beer for Lent as well, my other love, besides The Wife, The Boy & The Girl!

  4. Breall

    Ah, BACON! I love it, too, but have had to give it up due to my high cholesterol. Bryce gave me bacon-scented hand sanitizer to ease the pain. Thanks for the entertainment!

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  6. Jerry may need to hear about this thing:

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