~ Moose Naming Contest ~

It’s time to do something unusual!  We’re having a contest to name my Engagement Moose.  Some of you will recall that instead of buying me an engagement ring, My Captain bought me my heart’s desire:  A 9 foot carved wooden moose from Montana.

He needs a name.  We’ve considered Bullwinkle, Mordecai, and Fred.  Nothing seems to fit.  So please, put a suggestion in a comment box below (here within the blog) and help us find him a name.  The winner will receive a batch of home-made Turbo Rum Balls, made by yours truly.

They’re world-famous rum-balls, you know.  Seriously.

So enter a name…make it a good one!  If you are selected as the winner, I’ll contact you via email to arrange your prize giving, and you’ll be made famous in Mamaboe.com!

The contest runs until April 15th, 2012.

Must be 21 to enter.

Good luck, ya’ll!

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35 thoughts on “~ Moose Naming Contest ~

  1. Blog…Blogger…..still thinking….

  2. CLARENCE!!! Bullwinkle the character was actually named after a car dealer named Clarence Bullwinkel….

  3. and with that…I’m done…LOL

  4. I really want some rum balls..they make my nose all tingly…

  5. Mama Moose

  6. Anonymous

    Boemer….. hes the one with the very large crack.

  7. Jeff H


  8. CatBupp

    Billings or Cut Bank (pay homage to his roots) 🙂

  9. Lisa Fedders


  10. Victoria "mizamigo"

    Cat (because if your cat is named MOOSE, why can’t your moose be named CAT?)

  11. lirtb


  12. lirtb


  13. Jeff H

    Geraight Rack

  14. Anonymous


  15. glenda123

    Stan Guard

  16. Anonymous

    Woodie Rackleford

  17. Melissa D.

    Bocefus Buford Lipp

  18. glenda123


  19. Lori Plaz

    Chris Moose or Mickey Moose

  20. Name your moose… MONTANA!

  21. name the moose… MONTANA!

  22. Jeff H

    Hugh Goost, the Moose

  23. Jeff H

    The Orackle of Poolesville (his nickname would be ‘the Big O’ and whenever anyone asked where you got the Big O you would blush a little and tell them that Your Captain gave you the Big O)

  24. glenda123

    Brewster ……………….. (the Mooseter)

  25. Anonymous

    How about “Melvin” or “Montague” – you could call him Monty for short.

  26. Boewinkle

  27. Beauregard ( optional spelling- Boereguard ! )

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  29. Lora


  30. Anonymous

    Thoreau. (Since Moose was one of his last words)

  31. Anonymous

    Forgot to put my name, duh. Thoreau (from the Hipsley family – the form wouldn’t work)

  32. Lori Plaz


  33. Wow, some really great names! I came up with a few more suggestions,
    Peppermint (as in peppermint bark because he’s made of wood.)
    but see I’m too late.
    Can’t wait to find out his new name! =D

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