~ Flak ~

My Captain has been getting a lot of flak for the posts on this blog where I pour out my heart for him.  I make no bones about it.

I think he is handsome.

I think he’s strong.

I think he’s smart.

I think he’s funny.

I think he’s steady.

I think he’s exciting.

I think he’s trustworthy.

Did I mention the handsome part?

He’s the Bee’s Knees.

And as this blog is truly a stream-of-consciousness-flow-of-continual-drivel, those particular thoughts about My Captain come pouring out with the rest of it.

And he gets a lot of ribbing.  As in, a LOT.


I wonder why?  Don’t other people’s spouses talk that way about them?  I mean, if you can’t expect to receive an outpouring of support and affection from your spouse, who CAN you expect to hear it from?  If anyone is going to wax poetic about someone’s good qualities, it ought to be their own partner!

And how sad it would be if there was silence on the subject.

Assumption is a dangerous thing.  If I said nothing, My Captain might not know how truly deeply I care for him.  And I can’t take that chance.

I wonder if the people who tease him don’t secretly wish their own spouse felt as strongly about them as I do about My Captain.  So strongly, that they shouted it to the world (or, er, threw it out there in pixels).  To be proud of your partner…it’s the ultimate affirmation.  I would rather affirm my beloved than tear him down, or neglect him.

I understand that some people love quietly.  But those are quiet people.  That’s the way they roll, and that is fine!  But when you get an extrovert like me, you have to sort of expect these kinds of public confessions.   I mean, really, if you took an extrovert like me and I was silent on the subject, wouldn’t you wonder if something was wrong?

Now see, My Captain is more the quiet sort.  He prefers to show his love for me in other ways:

A short rub on the back.

A private smile.

A rolling of the eyes.  And I know he loves me a lot, because he rolls his eyes at me all the time.

Life is uncertain. You never know when circumstances might change drastically.  It could happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone.  Especially folks who put themselves in harm’s way for a living.

I don’t ever want to find myself in a situation where I wish more than anything that I had told him I loved him just one more time.

I bet he feels the same way.  I bet he doesn’t want to find himself wishing that he could have rolled his eyes at me just one more time.

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4 thoughts on “~ Flak ~

  1. Anonymous

    LOVE this!
    “if you can’t expect to receive an outpouring of support and affection from your spouse, who CAN you expect to hear it from?”

    Often as I have read your blog I have thought to myself how wonderful it is that you are so open and vocal about your love and appreciation for your husband.
    More people need to be like this!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Dang newlyweds. Gimme a hankie. My wife sees this crap and it costs me a Kohl’s gift card. Hey Troy when we going fishin ? I’ll let you squish night crawlers barehanded and we can whine together on the perils of being men. Of course my wife has dang near beat that all out of me so I may have to squish some crawlers too.

  3. Reblogged this on Mama Boe.

  4. Peter Hughes

    Pam, your Captain, your love, is what we all dream and pray for. It’s an honor and privilege to live vicariously thru your writings. Please, please always be true and you.

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