Mama Boe

My Captain has been getting a lot of flak for the posts on this blog where I pour out my heart for him.  I make no bones about it.

I think he is handsome.

I think he’s strong.

I think he’s smart.

I think he’s funny.

I think he’s steady.

I think he’s exciting.

I think he’s trustworthy.

Did I mention the handsome part?

He’s the Bee’s Knees.

And as this blog is truly a stream-of-consciousness-flow-of-continual-drivel, those particular thoughts about My Captain come pouring out with the rest of it.

And he gets a lot of ribbing.  As in, a LOT.


I wonder why?  Don’t other people’s spouses talk that way about them?  I mean, if you can’t expect to receive an outpouring of support and affection from your spouse, who CAN you expect to hear it from?  If anyone is going to wax poetic about someone’s good qualities…

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