~ The Answer to Politics ~

I get so tired of hearing hate spewed from political parties and their activists.  Listening to generalizations getting thrown around.  Watching broad, unfair, inaccurate brush strokes being swiped over complete strangers on both sides of the aisle.

But that is the way politics have always been.  We haven’t evolved or devolved.  People who say this country is going to pot have never looked at the rhetoric used in colonial days.   Sure, the phraseology was different, but there were personal and party slurs being thrown around then, just as there are today.

I have decided that it all comes down to people who want control of the Sandbox.  That’s all it is.  Oversized children who want to control the sandbox.

Some want to control because they are predators, and enjoy the power trip.  Some want to control so the predators can’t gain power over them.  And either party could say that about the other.

As for my role in all of this, I see myself as the fat kid with the Baloney Sandwich in the sandbox, watching the two other kid’s bicker about what they want to do with it.  My Sandwich.

I see both parties that way.  Neither the Democrats or the Republicans doubt  or question that they will be taking part of my baloney sandwich.  They figure it’s a done deal.  And they are slinging sand and mud all over each other while they determine who is in control.

You know what I am doing while they duke it out?

I’m eating my Baloney Sandwich.

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One thought on “~ The Answer to Politics ~

  1. Anonymous

    Well said!!!!!!

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