~ Twitter ~

I’ve been told by those “in the know” that I need to get a Twitter account to help Mamaboe.com reach all the masses.

First of all, I doubt very seriously that ‘the masses’ are so hard up for entertainment that they want to read my drivel.  As it stands, I’m deeply concerned about you guys….the ones who are reading this now.  You DO realize that these are just the ramblings of a normal, every-day, nothing-to-see-here-people-move-along woman, right?

Secondly, I’m not hip enough to get on Twitter.  I could not possibly ‘Tweet’ enough to keep people entertained.

Thirdly, I just can’t stand the name ‘Twitter’.  It has got the word ‘Twit’ in it, and I just don’t need to align myself with that word any more than my day-to-day stupidity already does.

Fourthly, I don’t have a fancy phone to continuously update. I have an old folding phone, remarkably similar to Captain Kirk’s Communication device.  If I tried to ‘tweet’ on it, it might just explode.

Fifthly (is that a word?), I don’t want to.

So there you have it:  The reason Mamboe.com will never reach national notoriety is that Pam refuses to get a Twitter account.  The mystery is solved.

I’ll never be the next Rodney Dangerfield.

Even though I do look like him just a little bit.

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3 thoughts on “~ Twitter ~

  1. Adorable! =D

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Me neither – & no you don’t! (Maybe Marty Feldman tho…) ; p

  3. Anonymous

    I’m with you on that, Pam ……which might scare you since I’m the “older” generation……

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