~ Scrapple, (or, as I like to call it), Fried Entrails ~

This post is dedicated to my friend Lisa, who clearly was born with a birth defect.  She has no sense of taste or smell, apparently.

It’s tragic.

I don’t know this because she whined about it.  Nor did her friends or family tell me.  I figured out this sad little secret of hers when she began vociferously complaining about the difficulty of finding Scrapple Retailers.

Never heard of Scrapple?

Imagine going to a butcher and asking for everything that fell on the floor when they were cutting out the bacon, pork chops and pork loins.  THAT would be what you would find in Scrapple.  Along with a binder like corn meal or something.

In the south, people LIKE scrapple.  But I was raised in the Mid-West, so I find it something of an enigma.  Well, either an enigma, or a horror.  I haven’t yet decided which.

Doubt me?  Here’s the recipe:





meat (including pork head, meat, feet, heart, tongue, and other trimmings)

Salt and Pepper






Boil meat in water until the tissue separates from the bones, drain.  Add flour, cornmeal, seasonings. Grind the crap out of it.  Really pulverize it so it becomes a paste.  Refrigerate in shape desired.  When hardened, slice and fry.

Hold on, I just vomited in my mouth.

Ok, I’m back.

I can’t wrap my brain around this recipe.  But see, we’re used to what we are raised with.  And I wasn’t raised with that.  Had I been born on a farm or in the depression, or even just raised in the country, I wouldn’t bat an eye with this.  But I was raised in suburban Worthington, Ohio, when Kroger’s were around and all my meat was clean and saranwrapped.  And never was I ever presented with a package that read “trimmings”.

Yes, I eat Hot Dogs.  Please do not disillusion me with the facts.  No, I do not like SPAM.

My Captain likes scrapple.  But only when it’s well made.  I’m thinking, “Well made??!”

How the heck can you screw up that recipe???

He says it tastes like Liver.

I rest my case.

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7 thoughts on “~ Scrapple, (or, as I like to call it), Fried Entrails ~

  1. I grew up in southern Ohio, people around me ate scrapple. I can’t do it. I agree that Lisa was born with some sort of disorder that allows her to like scrapple 🙂 That stuff is horrid hahaha

  2. Suz

    Oh you just tell your friend to come on up and visit us in good ole south central PA…where scrapple and something called “pudding” reigns supreme. I think I will pass on both, so there will be more than enough for her!!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll pass on the puddin’, but thanks anyway, Six! …and the souse (pork trimmings chopped and pickled and jelled)…I do have some sense Pam…LOL

  3. T

    isn’t it related to those McDonalds sausages ???

  4. Elizabeth Adamczak

    *URP* ugh…. >.<

  5. Victoria "mizamigo"

    I don’t eat it either; but I’ve made it before. After you slice it, you have to dredge it in flour and fry it in butter.

  6. Don’t look at me. My folks are from the North! I got nothin’ but, “Ewww?” haha
    I do hope Lisa found a supplier of scrapple, though!

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