Redefining Maslow’s Heirarchy ~

Tonight our dryer broke.

“Oh, what a shame,” you think.

But you think wrong.  It’s not a shame.  It’s a *$%*&@#*&*!! TRAVESTY.  You don’t realize the enormous and far reaching implications of this.

I’ve got wet laundry that I had to hang on the line we have jerry-rigged in our basement.  And I have a service man coming tomorrow to work on the Dryer.

The Dryer in the basement.

Where the clothesline is.

And my big-butt undies are hanging there now.  There is no way on God’s green earth they will be dry by the time the service guy gets here tomorrow.

I don’t want to re-wash them all again, so I can’t throw them back in a pile while they are wet. So I did my best to camouflage them in between shirts and pajamas and socks that are also on the line.  But let’s not kid ourselves.  You really can’t camouflage big-butt undies.

I suppose it wouldn’t be the first time a service man has seen big-butt undies dangling from a clothesline in a basement.  But it would be the first time he had seen my big-butt undies.  And that is just too gosh darn personal for me.

And I’m shy.

This is going to cause major psychological stress for me.  After all, we all need a certain degree of privacy in our lives.  I’m fairly sure it’s somewhere in Maslow’s Heirarchy:

  1. Physiological Needs
  2. Safety Needs
  3. Love and Belonging
  4. Big-Butt Undie Privacy
  5. Esteem
  6. Self-Actualization
  7. Self-Transcendence
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5 thoughts on “Redefining Maslow’s Heirarchy ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Well, since he will surely show up LOOOOOOOOOOO-O-O-ONG after they SAY he will, they’ll be nice & dry & safely folded away by then! LOL!!

  2. You know..this is sorta the reason why I NEVER EVER wash my clothes at the firehouse. If they get that jacked up the under clothes (panties and bra) would NEVER make it into the Fire House machines. The boys see me tired, grumpy, stinky and dirty. They do NOT NEED to see my underwear! Dammit I need SOMETHING that is private!!!

  3. Alice

    Wait a minute. I lost you when you said you were shy……

  4. Victoria "mizamigo"

    Why don’t you put the undies in a plastic bag, put that in the freezer and then after the dryer guy leaves, take the bag out of the freezer and put the undies in the newly fixed dryer?

    Heloise says that if you are ironing and don’t get it done, spritz the items with water, put them in a plastic bag and put that in the freezer. So I’m thinking you can do the same thing with the undies.

    Hope both machines are fixed sooooooooon!!!

  5. Just had the dryer repairman at my house last week or so. Wasn’t until after he left when I closed the dbl doors in front of the machines (that are in the wall of the upstairs hallway) that I noticed my bras hanging in front of the other clothing hanging there to dry!! My husband had answered the door when he came and had been the one who took him upstairs to the machines.

    No wonder that young man was such a nice, friendly, happy guy. He got to see our awesome private things!
    Oh, no doubt the stories those repair people could tell!

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