~ Questionable Genes ~

Today we had our last two basketball games for Critter and Varmint.  It was bittersweet, because none of us wanted the season to end (though softball and track are right around the corner!).

All I have to do as a spectator is sit on the bleechers and cheer and/or commiserate.  There isn’t a lot of energy in that, necessarily.

Unless you’re me.

But today I was rather quiet.  That’s a big deal.  In fact, someone ought to give me props for that.

Well, except for the one moment I came down on a player for yelling back at their coach.  I don’t stay quiet for that.  Uh-hunh. Not acceptable. Not on my watch. Especially a coach who has volunteered so much time and invested so much effort into a team.  So yeah, I may have been less than quiet on that one.

Regardless, other than making a kick-butt Quiche for breakfast (with sausage, mushroom, onion, broccoli, cheddar and cream cheeses…what’s not to love?), then fighting with helping the kids to get ready for their respective games, and driving all over creation to watch said games, I really didn’t do anything strenuous or taxing today.

Yet when we got home, one of the couches called to me.  “Come to me, o weary one.  Come rest on my soft velour cushions.  Come bask in the warmth of the fading sunlight.”

So I flopped.

I mean, I hit that couch with a thud.

Cushions bounced up.

Cat’s Scattered.

It was very dramatic.

And baby, I sacked out.   I mean, I was gone.  GONE.  Mommy was in La-La land for a while, visiting her Happy Place.

For nearly 2 hours.

I woke up with a start, ‘Wha? Wha? Where? Who?”,  confused, but refreshed, and raring to go.

Varmint, however, had chosen to spend that time finishing a Nancy Drew Mystery, writing two reading responses, editing a comprehensive report on the implications of economic dysfunction in third world countries, flossing both cats, and doing the taxes.  And SHE was one of the ones who actually physically exerted herself in a basketball game.

Where did she get that energy?  Does she not know how to properly use/waste a Saturday afternoon?

How can she possibly have come from my womb?

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2 thoughts on “~ Questionable Genes ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    She is SUCH a mini-you – no WAY you can deny that child is YOURS!! LOL!

  2. “Flossed the cats.” hilarious!
    And the way you described the couches calling to you. Oh, I just had to sit down in mine before I could continue reading!!

    =) <– That's my contented look because I'm relaxing on my couch reading your blog. ❤

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