~ Better Than A Lullabye ~

Some evenings it’s hard to settle down into ‘go to sleep’ mode.  Especially for my Critter.  After a full day of school, basketball, and running amok in general as 9-year-old boys should do, it’s hard to downshift.

Some people drug their children.  I know more than one parent who has used Benadryl for purposes other than its anti-histamine properties.

Some people make their kids lay in the dark, eyes open, hating every moment of non-sleepdom in the dark.  (That’s when kid’s creative minds are at their best…especially when it pertains to what may or may not lurk under the bed or in the closet.)

I prefer to employ other resources at my disposal.

For my Varmint, she does well reading herself to sleep.  She’s like her Mama that way.

But for Critter, I sometimes have to pull out my secret weapon:

I call it the Sleepinator.

You just take a wound up boy, and expose him to this:

And direct the child to rub the Sleepinator’s ultra-soft tummy:

And let the awesome powers of the diabolically soft widdle belwie begin to pass into the child.  Slowly, lulling the unknowing child into sleepiness.

Nothing.  Nothing can withstand the Sleepinator.

And that, my friends, is working smarter, not harder.

Nightie Night!

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One thought on “~ Better Than A Lullabye ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    WE need a sleepinator!! (Heck, M & I WANT a sleepinator!) But it’s not to be. We’ll have to go with the read yourself to sleep option instead…

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