~ Cowboy Fashion ~

Critter goes through hero phases.  It’s normal.  I did too.  I remember going through a Wonder Woman phase, a Bionic Woman phase, and even a Laverne and Shirley phase.

Don’t try to make sense of it.

Critter went through the typical Superfriend’s phase, from Batman to Superman and my personal favorite, Flash.  Then he went through a Toy Story phase where he loved Woody.  Right now he is going through a Hiccup phase, from How To Train Your Dragon.

Critter doesn’t do anything halfway. (Well, except maybe his homework.)  Back when he was in his Toy Story phase, he dove into it with a vengeance.  He even made himself a Woody costume.  He took a white t-shirt and colored it to look like Woody’s with washable ink.  That’s a lot of ink, folks.  This is what Woody looks like:

And this is Critter’s rendition:

Get a feel for how long it took him to color the front AND back of this t-shirt with not one, not two, but three yellow markers.  And check out how perfect his red stripes were for a first grader…freehand!

He wore this thing all the time. But we didn’t plan well using washable markers…because now I couldn’t wash it.

And man did it need it.  I can’t tell you what that blob of crud is.  I can tell you, though, that two years later, it has finally stopped smelling weird.

I don’t want to ruin this shirt by washing it.  It’s not just a shirt, it’s not just a costume.   I want to save and cherish this little piece of Critter’s personality forever.  But fast is coming the day when he isn’t going to want that home-made Woody costume on his closet door.  I can promise you it will be ziploc’d, put in a rubbermaid box, and put with the rest of the little memories I can’t bear to part with.

I don’t know what hero is going to replace Woody on Critter’s closet door, but I can promise you one thing for sure….

…..it’ll be washable.

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One thought on “~ Cowboy Fashion ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    LOL. Adorable. I have a box of such things too – that I could NOT part with. Anyone ELSE would look in that box, roll their eyes & say, “REALLY????” Yup… M went thru a Buzz Lightyear phase. It lasted FOREVER!! This was my first inkling, no my SECOND inkling that she was/is NOT a princess or girly-girl!! When she was REALLY tiny, like barely talking, I caught her standing up on a stool where she shouted, “OHBINNYDON!” & then FLUNG herself off the stool – fornuately landing on the couch! *OOF* It took several days of this for me to realize she was REALLY shouting, “To infinity and beyond!” before attempting that wonderful free-fall “flying” episode of Buzz’s in the movie!! We STILL (9 years later) find excuses & occasions to yell, “OHBINNYDON!” When she was not quite 2 she started day care – in Buzz Lightyear pull-ups! She was MOSTLY potty trained, but I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be concerned when I learned that the times she DID need to be “changed” all the boys would gather ’round to catch a glimpse of her Buzz pull-ups (we had to provide them)!!! LOL! Her current hero is Ash from Pokemon – & has been for WAY too long (IMHO)!!!

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