~ Beauty Isn’t Make Up ~

Varmint and I have had many a discussion on her clothes or the concept of wearing make-up.

Long ago she gave up trying to make me stylish, but she does like to take some effort to look nice herself.  There is nothing wrong with liking to look nice, it’s just that I like to hide behind the excuse that personality can make up for many a blemish.

And the opposite is true, too.  Make-Up can’t hide an ugly personality.

So how do you impart 44 years of that kind of wisdom into a girl on the precipice of teenage bulls**t angst?

Step 1.)  Teach her that beauty is made up of things like these:

  • Encouraging others. 
  • Sympathizing with others. 
  • Being patient with others.
  • Humoring others. 
  • Forgiving others. 
  • Loving others.

Step 2.) Point out to her that the one common theme in step one is the word “others“.  It ain’t about mascara, or hair extensions or fingernail polish or the right clothes.  The more you focus on lifting others up, the happier you are inside.  That shines through, and man is it powerfully attractive!

Step 3.) Do not get discouraged when she rolls her eyes at you and hurries your lecture along because she has other, more important things to do.  (And give her a time out for rolling her eyes at you, while you’re at it.)  Remember, you’re planting seeds.

Think I’m full of crap?  Ask yourself this:  How does a middle-aged, graying woman like me win someone like My Captain?  He thinks I’m beautiful.  He really does.

Think about it.

What is he attracted to?

It ain’t the make-up,  I guarantee.

And for those of you whose minds are in the gutter, it ain’t that either.

That’s what I want her to know.  It’s vital to impart it to her.

VARMINT, love,……it ain’t the make-up

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2 thoughts on “~ Beauty Isn’t Make Up ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    You do have the most infectious smile & laugh… =)

  2. Don

    I’ve always thought you are beautiful, especially the day you took your drivers test. OMG!!!

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