~ Five Legged Horse ~

It was during a homeschooling art session four or five years ago that Varmint had her first experience as a frustrated artist.

We were at a co-op class at our homeschool umbrella building, The Cedarbrook Academy, and Varmint was attempting to re-create a cave drawing in charcoal and natural media.

She nailed it.

Well, sort of.

Okay, maybe with creative license and squinty eyes.

She hated it because she got carried away with the appendages, and didn’t realize it until too late.

Me, I LOVED it because it was so goshdarn cute.  So of course I had to frame it and display it proudly on the kitchen wall, where it still sits to this day.

She cannot understand it.  But I intend to keep it long after she becomes famous and then I’ll donate it to the Smithsonian as one of her pre-famous works.  It will be so cool.

Just like she is.

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One thought on “~ Five Legged Horse ~

  1. I was a bit hesitant to read this blog entry because of the title.
    I was thinking, “Omgosh, Pam is going to talk about something I don’t want to picture!” 80
    And then it was kid art. Whew! and sigh.
    chuckle, chuckle.

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