~ The Food of Love ~

A couple of years ago, one of my munchkins made me a flower craft.  I’m not sure who it was because it has initials on the back of it ….  and they share the same initials.  Not too swift of me in the naming department, was it?

This craft has been sitting in my kitchen window ever since it came home.  I had long since stopped actually ‘seeing’ it, it’s been there so long.

It reads: “I love you because….”  And then each petal has a different reason, given by my kid to their willing – and no doubt patient – teacher, who then typed them out.  The reasons whichever kid it was love me are as follows:

You let me do fun things.

You took good care of me when I was a baby.

You take me to the pool.

You take me for walks.

You make me macaroni and cheese.

You take good care of me.

I always thought this was such a sweet craft.  It was probably for Mother’s Day, or something.  But as I write this post, I find my thoughts go down another avenue.

What the heck are we teaching our children? Conditional love?

I mean, come on, you love me because I make you macaroni and cheese?  So, if I make you, say, Ravioli, will you still love me?  That’s dangerous ground.  I mean, I don’t always have it in me to make Macaroni and Cheese.   Does that mean I’m living on the edge?  Is this the slippery slope where at first my child loved me, and then I stopped making that one dish that melted his (or her)  heart, and now he (or she) can barely stand to be in the same room with me?

Scary stuff.

How about “I appreciate you because” instead of “I love you because”.    Because no one wants to be loved for doing something.  We want to be loved for being ourselves.

I’d bring it to the teacher’s attention, but I can’t remember which kid made the craft.   I don’t want to ask the kids because then I’d expose myself as an inattentive mother and risk losing my Mother-Of-The-Year award.

So back up on the window it goes, until one of the kids betrays a hint and I can deduce who made it.  Then I will be able to tell the teacher about the problem they created for me.

Until then, I’m making a lot of Macaroni and Cheese.  I can’t be too careful ~ I’m on shaky ground.

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