~ Sprinkles Be Damned ~

I made cookies today.  It was to award myself for getting some things I’ve been procrastinating on, actually done today.  Things like:

A)  Putting the Christmas wrapping paper and bows away that were in front of, and blocking access to, my closet.  I’m excited because now I can wear something besides the same three pairs of sweatpants I’ve been wearing since Thanksgiving.

2)  Putting laundry away …. laundry that has been sitting in baskets and basically getting recycled and worn out of those baskets since, well, Thanksgiving.

III)  Sorting through my kids’ clothes and taking out stuff to give to charity. …clothes that they haven’t been able to wear since before, well, Thanksgiving.

It’s like Thanksgiving is a Bermuda Triangle of sorts for me.  I go in to the Holidays and get lost and disorganized and don’t come out for months.

I know its only three things, but actually, it’s quite a lot for me to accomplish in one morning.  I usually get so hung up in the ‘But Firsts’ that I rarely complete a task in the same day I start it.  You can call it ADD, you can call it procrastination, you can call it what ever you want.  I like to call it ‘But Firsts” because I get to say the word but(t).

What is a ‘But First’?  Well, lets see, I’m going to go to bed, but first, I’m going to bring the laundry up.  I’ll go down to the basement to do that, but first i need to go potty.  And while I’m in there I see we need a new roll of toilet paper.  I’ll fix that, but first I need to go to the closet to get a package of TP rolls.  While I’m in the closet, I see that we are short on bath towels.  I’ll bring some up when I’m in the basement to bring up the laundry.  But first I need to put a new load in the washer.  But first I have to put the load that is in the washer into the dryer.  And I need to fold the laundry, but first I need to iron some of that stuff.  But first I need to put the iron on and then I need to go find that new can of starch I bought.

See the problem?  I wander through the house in this never-ending mission, and accomplish pretty much nothing most of the time.  And yet, I’m so busy, I’m running up my own nose.

So now you can appreciate why the tasks I completed today were impressive.  And I celebrated by making homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. (and the angels sang).

I wanted to make them in the shapes of hearts, so I painstakingly formed the dough into large obvious hearts.  And after they baked, I pulled out beautiful…. blobs.  Not hearts.  Oh yeah, that dough spreads.  I grabbed my pizza cutter and made little triangle cookies.  Hey!  Why not decorate them with some pink icing for Valentine’s month?  Great idea.  But first I need to go down to the pantry and gather the icing ingredients.  While I’m down there, I see all the sprinkles that might go well with this project.  So I get them.  But first….

yada yada yada….   Clearly I have impulse control issues.   Don’t be like me.

Finally, PHEW, I got upstairs and begin carefully decorating them.  Some were dipped.  Some were striped.  Some were dotted.  I had some with pink, red, or clear sugar.  Some with white sprinkles.  Some with peanutbutter chips I’d melted.  I made them so pretty. So enchanting. Sweet.  They were like something you’d see in Starbucks.  VERY trendy looking.  I was having a ball.  Sure, I made an unholy mess, but it would be worth it.

Troy, the love of my life, the man who would eat a stick of wood if you served it to him because he prides himself on being low-maintenance, walked in said,

“I like them better plain.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him, and shoved a cookie in his mouth, dainty sprinkles and all.

And I’m going to make him take the whole batch to work for the men (and woman!) at the fire station tomorrow…the pink ones, the sugary sprinkled ones, the very pretty white and red ones.  That ought to teach him to look a gift celebratory cookie in the mouth.

It’s a good thing he’s so dadburn handsome.

Next time, I’ll just serve him a stick.

With sprinkles.

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3 thoughts on “~ Sprinkles Be Damned ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    We are such similar creatures! (Well, except for the love of baking!) I suffer from serious, debilitating “But First” syndrome. Now WHY did I come in here???

  2. Ashley

    Lol…I was the first to have one! Thanks for the honorable mention (I get left out sometimes…lol) Thanks for the cookies…my butt thanks you too.

  3. Jane Chapman

    Aaauuuggghhhhhh!!!! Sugar!!!!!

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