~ The Art of Complacency ~

I came to a couple of realizations today.

The first was when I was talking to the clerk at my post office about underwear.  I was returning a package of bras I’d bought by catalog, which did not fit my comfort criteria, and I was voicing my disappointment .  She felt my pain and commiserated with me right there at the service counter.  She even promised me she would keep a look out for the exchange package, and hoped for my sake it would come quickly.

This led to realization Number One:  I’ve finally reached the wizened stage in life where I care more about comfort, relaxation, and convenience than I do appearances, impressions, or popularity.  Turns out I really don’t care if my breasts are high and perky.  Truth be told, I’d just as soon get them lopped off.  It’d be one less thing I’d have to maintain.  Well, two less things.

I’m all about complacency now.

I paid for the postage, waved goodbye, and walked through the door.  The door of the Post Office.

The.    Post.    Office.

This led to realization Number Two:   I’ve clearly got to get a filter.  Did I really just talk to a veritable stranger about my boobie comfort?  Honestly?  Am I that hard up for conversation, or sympathetic ears?  Did I have to impose my weirdness on this poor woman who is bound by postal employee policy to be polite to me?  Good Grief, she was a prisoner of my blathering, self-righteousness!

Kind of like you are right now.  Well, you’re not exactly a prisoner, but I’m kind of like a train wreck…..appalled as you may be, you just can’t look away.

But Baby, when those new, super-comfortable bras come in, my comfort level will trump your appalled-ness.


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6 thoughts on “~ The Art of Complacency ~

  1. Ellen

    I’ll be waiting with baded breath to know how comfortable they really are. Unless we can go braless without fear of being thought of as a 1960’s throwback, we’re stuck with those awful underwire, stick in your ribs bras. Oh to be 16 again and just wearing a t-shirt . . . . .

  2. Lisa Fedders

    We all know how much of a pain it is to get a comfortable bra. I HATE going bra shopping. I wear mine until sometimes they look awful because they are so comfortable. In regards to lopping them off – you say that until you don’t have a choice – my Mom has just gone thru her second round of breast cancer. This time she had to have a mastectomy. She is 68 and decided that she wanted to have reconstruction done. She felt like she wasn’t a whole woman without them. Of course she isn’t going as big as she was before, but she wants to feel whole again. She doesn’t want to look in the mirror and feel disgusted. I on the other hand said to her why are you putting yourself thru all this. One never knows until we are faced with not having something anymore what we would do.

    • Aw, I’m so sorry, Lisa. Please give her my best wishes, and a big hug goes out to you as well. As to looking in the mirror and feeling disgusted, she’s not and never could be. If she thinks her boobs are what make her beautiful, she is seriously shortchanging herself. 🙂

  3. I’m pretty sure I know who is who here..most of the time! 😉 Any way you look at it…I know everyone here is beautiful…even with their pluses and minuses! Love you all!

  4. Breall

    Pam, one of your many admirable traits is your ability to talk to anybody! You may have made the post office lady’s day…and gave her a good story to share.

  5. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Yeah, what Breall said! I remember when I first met you. I was (am) fairly shy & quiet. But YOU, well you would NOT STOP TALKING TO ME! I tried everything I could to avoid you, but you HUNTED ME DOWN & TALKED TO ME! Guess what? You drew me out! Much as I resisted, you INSISTED and now we are great friends! Thank you, my friend for your gift of gab – and for using it on me! LOL!! =)

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