~ Amok ~

There are certain words I love the sound of and I look for places to say them.  I love the way they roll off my tongue. Words like:

Pickle:  How can you say that word and NOT smile?  Say it fast several times in a row.  What a great word.

Amok:  I love this word because people mis-use it so well.  It originally meant a demonic, murderous frenzy, but its been mis-used so often, it also now means simply uncontrolled.  But when I hear people say, “The kids are running amok!”,  I can’t help but think of possessed children running around in a murderous frenzy.  Heads being chopped off and lobbed around, hatchets being swung hither and thither. My favorite is when a preschool teacher says it.  I just lose it!  Too funny!

Titillate:  It is purely impossible to say or hear that word and not think of boobies.

Boobies: Much funnier sounding than the word ‘boobs’.  Ask any 8 year old boy.  He’ll confirm that fact.

Thither: (As in, Hither and Thither.) I cannot hear this word without thinking about an effeminate man with a lisp.  Call me politically incorrect, but I just can’t.  I mean no harm, honest.

Zipper:  This word is like Pickle, in that its fun to say several times in a row.  Especially to a toddler.

Carniverous: Sounds like carnival, only yummier.  Either way, it puts me in my happy place.

Scoop:  I’m not sure if this one stands on its own, of if its funny because it sounds a lot like ‘poop’.

Do you think I’m spending too much time around my kids?  Or firefighters?

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3 thoughts on “~ Amok ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    My favorite line from the movie “Hocus Pocus”:
    Winifred – “Sisters! All Hallow’s Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!”
    Sarah (THIS is my favorite line) – “AMOK!” (dancing around while sing-songing): “Amok, amok, amok, amok, amok…!”
    (Winifred punches Sarah in the stomach.)
    Sarah – “Ugh!”

  2. EVFKirkpatrick

    When my Mom brought home an abandoned puppy years ago, we found out her given name was Tracy. Noel was just a baby then and when we told her the puppy’s name, Tracy, Noel immediately changed it to “Tracy Pickle.” To this day, we call Tracy “Tracy Pickle.” And you’re right, Pam, that word always makes me smile, especially when looking at Tracy Pickle!

  3. Don

    Definatly firefighters!!!

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