~ Mike Buchanan ~

My mother has been dating Mike Buchanan (the newscaster) for years now.  She’s happy.  I like that.  I also like that he makes her laugh.  I like that he makes my kids and Troy laugh.  I like that he brought the rubber chicken I gave him for Christmas last year, back to us this year, to continue the Holiday Rubber Chicken Tradition.

But one thing I don’t like.  One thing I cannot seem to get around.  One thing that has me cringeing even as I write this, is that they kiss.  (EWWwwwwwwWWWWWwwWWW)

My mother is kissing Mike Buchanan.  And he is kissing her back.  And my kids have seen this and I have seen this and I think we’re all scarred.  It has burned through my eyesockets and into my brain forever.

Mother’s DON’T kiss.  Or anything else remotely closely associated with physical displays of affection.  Unless it’s with their kids or grandkids.   Otherwise, its just not right.  Wrong, in fact, on so many levels.  Like, unbalance-the-universe kind of wrong.

Don’t ask me why that is the rule.  It just is.  Somethings are not meant to be questioned.

In fact, the only exception to this rule is Troy and me.  We’re allowed.

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2 thoughts on “~ Mike Buchanan ~

  1. Jane Chapman

    AAaauuuuggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! (chuckle)

  2. mike buchanan

    …so it’s okay if I kiss Troy ….’My Capitan!’

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