~ Bacon & Beer, With a Side of Happy ~

I had brunch at Alexander’s in Buckeyestown, Maryland today that was so good, I considered jumping up on the table and rolling in it.  (Sorry for that visual.  Couldn’t be helped.)

There was bacon in the Hollandaise sauce!  The sausage is smoked on the premises to perfection!  The biscuits were the right amount of soft and crumby and grandma-like!  Even the coffee stood out.  I’m telling you, this meal was fantastic.  I had to meet the creator of this palate pleasing gastronomic adventure.

He came out.  We laughed.  We cried.  I begged for recipes….


And Check this out!  Chef Smallwood uses beer when crafting his over-the-top pot roast!   Here’s a chef who appreciates Bacon and Beer, and uses them liberally in his southern-style cooking!  I tell you, if I wasn’t already hopelessly in love with My Captain, I would have been hurling myself unabashedly at this Chef like a teenie bopper to Justin Bieber. (Sorry for that visual.  That was really bad.)

Sure, Bacon and Beer don’t sound very sophisticated,  and maybe they’re not very healthy, but if loving them is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

This guy has a good understanding of what makes a belly happy.  At least my prodigious belly, at any rate.  And come on, who are you going to trust for this kind of recommendation?  A skinny chick, or a fat chick?  HELLOOoooo!  Fat Chicks know food.  Go with me on this.

Alexander’s in Buckeystown.  You’ve gotta try them.  And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement!  http://www.alexandersatbuckeystown.com/

Go.  Try them today.  Right now.  You mustn’t live another minute without this experience.


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2 thoughts on “~ Bacon & Beer, With a Side of Happy ~

  1. Jane Chapman

    Smile….Pam….you did describe it beautifully……and I still am full from that meal!!!!

  2. mike buchanan

    Well Written ……

    You made me hungry again …. for more beer and bacon.


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