~ Back and Arm Muscles Galore ~

A quick update to ‘O Captain, My Captain’.

The beatings have just begun.  The day ‘O Captain, My Captain’ hit the blog, I stopped by Troy’s Firestation to see how much grief they were giving him.   Apparently they found plenty of ammunition in my comment about Troy’s back and arms.  But I think they also felt slighted and un-noticed, and I vowed to make amends.  So here, friends, for your voyeuristic pleasure, is Montgomery County’s Finest, 31C, searching for Hawks and Pteradactyls.  Sorry about the fuzzy nature of the shot…I was laughing too hard.

Look at those bicepts bunching!  Look at those back muscles rippling!

Ain’t this a wonderful world?!

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4 thoughts on “~ Back and Arm Muscles Galore ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    HOT flash – comin’ thru… =P

  2. evfkirkpatrick

    Love the guns! Once I stop appreciating the muscles, I know I’ve become old! Fortunately that hasn’t happened yet. Thanks for the eye candy Pam!

  3. Jane Chapman

    Pam, have caught up now that I have my computer back – grrrrr —- and love all the posts! Some more than others……but they are all good!!! Your command of the language is great, your subjects we can all relate to….keep it up!!!!

  4. Ashley

    Mine are bigger…they had me doing some frivolous chore while they were posing!

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