~ O Captain, My Captain: A Picture Story ~

See this guy?

He one of the seasoned Captains within Montgomery County Fire and Rescue. He is also a seasoned rescue technician with Maryland Task Force 1’s Urban Search & Rescue Team. With the rest of the hardened, heroic MD-TF1 team, he searched and worked the rubble pile at the Oklahoma City Bombing. The Pentagon on 9/11. Hurricane Katrina. And many others. He’s a Paramedic. He’s a Station Commander. He’s a teacher, a leader, a husband, and a father, but first and foremost, a Firefighter.  Meet Captain/Firefighter/Paramedic Troy Lipp.

See this guy?

This is the same Captain, in the great wilds of Glacier, Montana.  Here he is using one of his newest tools: an ultraviolet light water purifier.  He’s always happy when he has a new gadget.  Rescue Techs are like that.

See this guy?

It’s the same guy, same place, but with neato-cool focus on the glacial melt water of McDonald Creek. He’s humored at the photographer’s artsy-fartsiness.

See this guy?

Here is the Captain on the top of Mount Apgar trying to catch a view of a hawk or pterodactyl or something.  I was too distracted by his muscular back and arms to notice.  It was a very steep, gruelling hike up a jagged mountain.  I think I threw up halfway up.  He carried me the rest of the way, jogging.

See this guy?

This is the same Captain, about to get on a horse named “Shrek”.  I found that hiLARious. He found my hilarity hilarious.

Same Captain, with favorite beverage in hand after breaking the wild and tempestuous Shrek.  It was touch and go for a while.

See this guy?

This is the Captain quietly and patiently waiting for his bride to meet him on the mountain to say vows of love.  True story: just before the vows were exchanged he whipped out his Pocket Knife and picked a piece of parsley out of her teeth with it.  Rescue techs are like that.

See this guy?

This is what he looks like happy and loved.

See this?
This is a Moose.

Post Script Note:   This post will most likely be used to tease, cajole, harass, embarrass, and most likely torque the Captain by his Shift.  Life is hard sometimes, you have to be tough.

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9 thoughts on “~ O Captain, My Captain: A Picture Story ~

  1. You are an evil woman..KNOWING full well what the guys on his shift/station are going to do with this type of ammunition. I LOVE YOU for it!!! My favorite officer off all time said something to me one time that really stuck. “There are 3 sides to every employee, what they show at work, what they show at home and what they never show”. This will show the “guys” at work the softer side of your Captain!

  2. Beautiful pictures of that Captain, who just happens to be my Best Half’s (not have’s) Captain at the firehouse and they are together on the USSR team too! I like the post script, def true!

    • That Captain your writing about is my Best Half’s Captain at the firehouse and the USSR team and my Best Half speaks very highly of his Captain! Grest pictures BTW! and I like your post script, def true!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Mama Boe.

  4. Not only his shift my dear…there are 1200 of us!

  5. Anonymous

    LOVED the pics and and comments that went with the pics. Your Captain is photogenic! Your moose comment, went right over my head. hahaha. Like wayyy over. I will need a refresher course in something, but I don’t know what, yet. 😉 hehehehe Mwah!

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