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See this guy?

He one of the seasoned Captains within Montgomery County Fire and Rescue. He is also a seasoned rescue technician with Maryland Task Force 1’s Urban Search & Rescue Team. With the rest of the hardened, heroic MD-TF1 team, he searched and worked the rubble pile at the Oklahoma City Bombing. The Pentagon on 9/11. Hurricane Katrina. And many others. He’s a Paramedic. He’s a Station Commander. He’s a teacher, a leader, a husband, and a father, but first and foremost, a Firefighter.  Meet Captain/Firefighter/Paramedic Troy Lipp.

See this guy?

This is the same Captain, in the great wilds of Glacier, Montana.  Here he is using one of his newest tools: an ultraviolet light water purifier.  He’s always happy when he has a new gadget.  Rescue Techs are like that.

See this guy?

It’s the same guy, same place, but with neato-cool focus on the glacial melt water of McDonald Creek. He’s…

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