~ Car Seat Heaters ~

Here’s the thing, I really don’t want much in life. I’ve finally learned that having THINGS is not the key to happiness.  Oh, sure, conveniences are wonderful, but they aren’t necessary.  Simplify! Simplify!  Simplify!  Wants and Needs are NOT the same thing!

And here is where I become inconsistent.

I can’t live without my car seat heater.  Its not a want, its a NEED.  I love that puppy.  I’ve got this nifty little gadget in my Equinox that not only allows me to start my car from ANYWHERE on this earth that is satellite accessible, but it also starts that beauteous Chevy in its previous setting.  And since my butt-heaters are always set to warm, or “stun”, as I like to call it, they crank up the moment my car does.  The result: I slide right into a warmed up car with a spanking hot seat.


I’ve been known to sit in a McDonald’s parking lot, scarfing down a sausage burrito with the car running just to feel that warmth.  But that is a different story, (and you probably already read it.) Oh it’s a form of heaven, only slightly below eating a hot stale sausage burrito.  To just sit there, letting all of your poor unloved, unappreciated, undervalued, taken-for-granted butt muscles just bask in the loving warmth of those bucket heater seats. I wait anxiously for the day when they add a butt-massager to the seat.  Oh, THAT will be high on Maslow’s Hierarchy, I assure you.

So if you happen to see me sitting in my little red Equinox in a parking lot in town, with the car running and a contented smile on my otherwise blank face, you have an idea why.  Just keep on about your business.  I won’t want to be disturbed.

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