~ There Is An Old Saying ~

There is an old saying that I’ll mangle as I share it with you:  If you want to know how good a friend someone might be, don’t look to their current friends, look to their enemies.    I had to eat a few rumballs to fully understand it, but now that I do, I feel very esoteric and superior to my pre-rumball, mangled-saying self.

Anyway, I got to thinking that there IS something to be said about the company one keeps.  It is a direct reflection of ourselves.  A mirror, if you will, of who we are, or who we would like to be.  We are drawn to those kinds of people, and repelled by those who either remind us of parts of ourselves we don’t like, or are just plain Dicks.  (I’m pretty sure that is in Carl Jung or maybe Friedrich Nietzsche.)

I think of my husband, Troy’s, friends…all of them heros, like him.  Well-meaning men, some of them rather hard around the edges, who would give their lives for the benefit of others.

I think of my mother’s friends…most of them who have lived full, adventurous lives, who love to laugh and who have intellect and wisdom.

I think of my Dad, who died 6 years ago, who never met a stranger.  He led the path on so many things.  Had a variety of equally leader like/ power hungry people by his side.

And then I think of myself…..MMmmmm…let’s see:
The Cashier at the drive thru at McDonald’s knows me by name and has for over 10 years.

Likewise the cashier at the Dollar store.

The Cashier at the county liquor store doesn’t know my name, but we recognize eachother when we run into eachother out and about.

The UPS guy and the USPS Gal know me because I give always give them lollipops or Hershey Kisses when they bring me packages.  (Its my small reward to them for hefting it up the hill from my driveway to my door since I am ruled by inertia, and therefore cannot move.)

Oh, the lady at the bakery counter….knows me not only by name, but also by my kid’s various crazy birthday cakes.  And we share recipes.

The guy at the Chevy Dealership Service Department knows me because of the time a mouse crept into my vent system and died, I instructed him and his men to go in with Navy Seal Team Six precision and eliminate it.  They liked that.

That’s about it.  What does it say about me?  Hmmm.  Fast food.  Cheap shopping. Booze.  Smarty Pants remarks.  Good lord!  Its no wonder Troy fell in love with me.  I have to hug myself right now!

Who are YOUR friends?

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