~ Taunting The Beast ~

It started out like any other Christmas season.  No sooner had the Thanksgiving turkey been digested, that we initiated the launch sequence for Christmas.

2015-11-27 12.01.09

The Moose adorned his Santa hat, paying homage to our favorite elf in the whole wide world.

2015-11-27 14.10.01

The annual Christmas tree was hunted and caught.  The web of Christmas lights,


ever so meticulously organized, was thrown on the tree, and any non-broken ornaments we could dig up were lovingly placed as well.

2015-11-28 09.16.58

Then it came time for the manly men of the family to assemble The Polar Express down around the base of the tree.

2015-11-28 09.16.53

This is always a wonderful bonding experience, with only a modicum of yelling and whining in between the chin scratching and grunting.

2015-11-28 11.22.53

But in addition to the normal train assembly strife, was added one…

2015-11-28 09.17.39


2015-11-28 09.17.27


2015-11-28 09.18.13


2015-11-28 09.21.02


Of course, Walter Sir Caesar McSneezer is enthralled by the tree, the lights, and the ornaments.  Add the RAWTHER expensive miniature train – in motion – and, well, you’re just taunting the beast.



But if you think Critter is at all oblivious to this, you’re sadly mistaken.  If anything, he sees it as a challenge.  So, essentially, you’ve got one kitten having his first Christmas, and all that that implies, and one 12-year-old who likes nothing more than to experiment with cause-and-effect.

This ought to be interesting.

I can’t watch.

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