~ Complete Failure ~

I saw this video on Facebook for a dessert that I HAD to try.  It was easy.  It was fancy schmancy looking.  And it was going to be on my dinner menu tonight!!!

I wish I had a clue how to transfer the video to this blog, but I don’t, so tough beans!  It is basically a slice of puff pastry dough, brushed with apricot jam, lined with thinly sliced, lemon-water-soaked, par-cooked apple slices, and rolled up to look like a rose, then baked.

I did all of that.  And when I pulled these babies from the oven.










I mean, these apple roses could have been in that video!


I could not wait to serve them up and taste them!   I was so pleased!


Everyone…My Captain, my brats, and Grandma Jane, all looked suitably impressed!  My chest puffed with pride!  My head grew larger!  I became very condescending to any questions about how to make these.  I was all, “Well, of COURSE you have to slice the apples so very thinly, which takes a lot of careful and talented knife-work….blah, blah, blah….”


And they looked so cute on our dinner plates next to the PoorMan Steak and Escalloped Cabbage Casserole I served along with it.  I so wished I had a Better Homes and Garden photographer on hand.

And you know what?  These beautiful, delectable looking apple roses…..



They were awful. Tasteless.  Weird-textured.  Hard to swallow.

I deflated faster than a Superbowl football.   I looked at the faces around the table.  My beloved family was trying hard to swallow these little fruit bombs.  They were kind, but I know they are starting to dread my gastronomical experiments.

Pity them.

But don’t judge!

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