~ And The Winner Is…..! ~

We want to thank everyone who played! There were some awesome ideas…very creative…and My Captain and I enjoyed going through them all!

For a first-ever Mama Boe contest, we did okay.  Not great, but certainly okay!  We’ve been experiencing some kind of technical difficulty with Word Press in that many people’s suggestions/entries never made it past Word Press’ servers to the page.  Some people ended up sending me their entries via Facebook, both via the wall, and through private messaging.  Very few actually got through to the blog page after all.

My Captain looked at me and said, “I can fix this before the next contest.”

I don’t doubt he will, because he loves all things technical, he loves a challenge, and he really, REALLY wants me to grow the blog past 100,000 readers so I can actually bring home some income, and stop being such a bloodsucking, nagging harpy.

(I don’t want to burst his bubble but we all know that money won’t change the nagging harpy part, but the bloodsucking it might help.)


And so are you ready for the winner?!  First, the Honorable Mentions!

Paul G :  “Ice Cream Sandw…holy $%#&, are those cookies?”   That name really shows the excitement! We felt it too!

Lisa: “Dreamwich”  This one just felt so happy….like a promise that eating this baby would take you to your happy place.

Kelly H: “Ice-choco-cream-chip-sandwich-cookie”  We liked this one because this is a woman who clearly likes to hedge her bets.  Kelly wasn’t taking any chances!

Gwen C.:  “The Triple D: Downright, Decadent and Delicious” with a special Guffaw to Kathy T. for asking if that was a “size” thing.   We loved the name, and Kathy’s spin on it.   But mostly we loved Gwen’s name, which is also the name of my beloved Varmint.  Look, I never said this contest would be fair.

Sue L.: “The SO-NOT Southbeach Diet Cookie”   We liked the sassiness of this one!

Bryan S: “Dialysaurus!”  We had to give Bryan special mention for cluing into the Diabetes reference.  Our readers are so daggum smart!

These were among some of the great ones.  I can’t thank you guys enough for playing!  Such fun ideas!  But the one that rocked me on my heels with laughter, and the Grand Prize Winner of The First Ever Mama Boe Name That Bad Boy Contest is……..

Elise W., who nailed the name of this dessert with:  “CookieGasm”

That name is so stinkin’ funny!  Thank you so much, Elise W. for playing, and here, my friend, is your prize from Mama’s Junk Drawer:

2015-09-07 17.15.05

A genuine, ENORMOUS honkin’ Hershey’s Chocolate Coffee Mug!




Seemed PERFECT for the topic, no?


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go have a Cookiegasm!


Mama B.

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