~ Cat Butt Conundrum ~

My Captain often admonishes me to be more disciplined and consistent about writing to you all on the blog.  He informs me that people LIKE uniformity. I inform him that I like to keep people guessing.  I like to mix it up a bit.  Be the wild card.

He tells me I’m full of crap.

But I’m adamant that REALLY, my blog friends love to wonder:

“WILL she get up in time to get the kids off to school, her chores at home done, AND write, or will she wake up late and spend the whole day catching up, not even having time to fix a decent dinner, let alone blog?”

“WILL she be funny or won’t she?”

“WILL she embarrass the family again, or won’t she?”

“Will she realize she’s spelled several words incorrectly only after 300 people have read a post, or won’t….wait, of course she will.  That’s her trademark.”

I try to be consistent, I really do.  But this blog isn’t written in a vacuum!  The kids, the animals, the ding-dang daily chores all require energy and attention.  Sometimes at the end of the day it is all I can do to shower and turn on my alarm!  But some nights, like tonight, I manage to get my shower done early, and can plop into my chair to begin to write.

But even then, Cat Butts happen.  And who can work around a cat anus?  No one, that’s who.


“WILL she use her cat’s ass as an excuse, or won’t she?”

Eyup.  She will.

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