~ Name This Bad Boy ~

I need a little help here!

A few months ago I created, partly out of an impressively unrestrained chocolate addiction , but mostly out of pure genius, this little number:


It is an ice cream sandwich…get this…SANDWICHED between two chocolate chip cookies.


So simple, but so perfect…it’s like I invented the paperclip all over again, except it was edible, and will probably lead me dangerously closer to Type 2 Diabetes.  Show me a paperclip that can do that!!!

I need some help naming this genius gastronomical confection, so My Captain will know what I am referring to when I say: “Beloved!  I have that craving again!”

Put your idea for a name in the comment boxes below, (of the WordPress comment section, not facebook or other venues…and give it a second or two to post!  It takes the computer a few minutes to go Beep Beep Boop Boop!) and on Monday, (AKA, Labor Day 2015) at 5pm, the judging will commence!  The winner will receive something out of my kitchen junk drawer, mailed directly to them via the grand ol’ USPS!

Don’t laugh!  There is some awesome stuff in that junk drawer!  In fact, I’m willing to bet if I looked hard enough, I’d find Elvis, Howard Hughes, and, quite possibly, my virginity!

The Winner will be announced Monday night!

Good Luck!


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8 thoughts on “~ Name This Bad Boy ~

  1. Anonymous

    It’s a “Pamwich”!!

  2. Paul

    You could call it an “Ice Cream Sandw…holy $%#&, are those cookies?”

  3. Victoria

    How about ChocoChip ice cream sandwich?

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  5. Lisa

    Dreamwich. I would also suggest a chocolate ice cream version!

  6. Donna Deyo


  7. Txxbryan@comcast.net

    Double-chocochip Snowich

  8. Elise Wendland

    Cookiegasm !

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