~ Zookeeper’s Grilled Cheesus Ole ~

My friend Bonnie and her daughter Megan took me to brunch today.  Bonnie and her family are so much fun to hang with.   I bust a gut just about every time we’re together.  And at my girth, that’s saying something.

Bonnie is practically family.  She’s My Captain’s best friend’s sister, which makes her technically my sister twice removed. Or something like that.   I love her to death.  She was Critter and Varmint’s 3rd grade teacher.  They like her a lot more now that she doesn’t give them homework.

They took me to a restaurant called The Buzz, in Monrovia-where-the-hell-is-that-Maryland.  “You’ve GOT to try this!” was all she said about the place.

Friends, she was right.  I had a sandwich called The Zookeeper’s Grilled Cheesus Ole, and it lived up to its name.  Check this out:


This crazy concoction has goat cheese, cheddar cheese, and Provolone cheese, guacamole, bacon, and ‘ghetto lettuce’, which turned out to be Doritos.  I’m not kidding.  DORITOS nestled right up on in there.


Doritos IN my freaking sandwhich.

I ate every stinkin’ crumb.

(Please don’t tell my doctor.)

Buzz by The Buzz.  You can find directions and the menu HERE.



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