~ It Doesn’t Work That Way ~

I walked again today.  That’s two whole days in a row.  Count ’em.  TWO.  Two days of invigorating fresh air.  Two days with a bounce in my semi-bionic step.  Two days of semi-occluded, sludge-filled arteried, aerobic activity.

You could say that I’m ‘on a roll,’ but whenever someone says that about me, it usually has something to do with lunch, and it’s probably whole grain.


There was a small setback, however, in my newest plan to control my burgeoning flabalanche.

You see, because my subconscious knew that I would be walking a mile or two today, my appetite decided to make up for it by forcing me to eat more breakfast than usual.

I KNOW it doesn’t work that way, that the law of thermodynamics still applies when trying to reduce one’s fat stores.  But the super-evil-villain-genius that is my appetite was one step ahead of me, the fiend.

I’m going to have to outthink him.  I WON’T go for a walk tomorrow.  That will teach him!


You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to get one over on this ol’ bird!

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