~ Full On ~

If ever there were a decent illustration of how fundamentally different My Captain and I are from each other, it would be the meal we shared the other night.  We tried a new restaurant opened by an acquaintance of ours, Julie, called Full On Craft Eats and Drinks.  Julie used to bartend at the Dogfish Head Alehouse, in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

2014-01-09 20.42.22

It was her rendition of the White Chocolate Martini that made me fall in deep and abiding respect for her, for all eternity. And while you may think by saying that, I am a complete and total, intervention-needing lush, but if you had ever tried one of Julie’s Martinis, and could still wrap your tongue around your own name at the bottom of it, I’d be damn impressed.

What I’m saying is that this woman commands respect.


So off we went to give her new culinary venture a try!  An unobtrusive hole-in-the-wall, in a strip mall on Norbeck Road in Rockville, Maryland, at first glance Full On seems like a beer-lover’s haunt only.  Sure, there are plenty of lovely traditional sandwiches, but nothing crazy unusual on the menu, except the beer selection….


Until you get toward the bottom of the sandwich menu.


My Captain picked his specialty beer, and ordered a tried-and-true Meatloaf Sandwich to go with it.   That’s My Captain all over.  Tried and true.  Beefy.  Solid.  Filling.  Traditional.  Popular.  Savory.  It’s the perfect sandwich to define him.  I know few people who do not LOVE a well-made meatloaf sandwich.

2014-10-15 20.50.16

But I….I had read to the bottom of the sandwich menu…and found the Roasted Cauliflower Grilled Cheese Barbeque Ranch, Pepper and Hummus on crunchy Oh Dear God Sourdough sandwich.  I had found the jackpot baby!  THIS was a sandwich I had never conceived of, doubted many others had, either, and sure as hell was not about to miss the experience.  Even if it might be a bad one!

2014-10-15 20.50.08

Which defines me perfectly.  Chancy. Impetuous.  Impulsive.  Slightly charred, but deeper for it.  Tangy. Sweet. Spicy.  Crunchy.  Creamy.  Cheesy. A freaking flavor explosion.  It was everything I hope to be.  There are few people who would care for this particular mixture, but the ones who do, are courageous as hell.  And often have weird smelling farts.  Philosophically speaking, of course.

If you take nothing away from this inane post, I hope it is that 1) you need to try Full On Craft Eats and Drinks on Norbeck Road, and 2) What you eat speaks volumes about you.

(Like never, please God, never date a person who eats liverwurst.)

And Roasted Cauliflower Grilled Cheese Dates, quite simply Rock.

Trust me.

Go to Full On, today!  And tell Julie that I sent ya!

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2 thoughts on “~ Full On ~

  1. Anonymous

    I gotta say that really sounds wonderful…..wonder what that makes me!!!

  2. BTW, I eat liverwurst. Liverwurst, onion, and mayonnaise. My grandfather’s favorite. You can blame him.

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