~ Left Brain, Right Brain ~

We have some dear friends, Paul and Heather, who recently moved from their house, about an hour east of us, to a different house, also about an hour east of us.

Either way, it’s still a pain in the arse to visit.

But they’re worth it.

We met several years ago in a Blueberry Pie Eating Contest, one hot Fourth of July.  Paul and I were literally neck-deep in blueberries and whipped cream, fighting each other for the coveted golden spray-painted, wooden rolling pin.

Three years in a row, he’s beaten me.  Three years he has ripped that bragging right from my grasp.

He does it fairly, though, I’ll give him that.

The man can eat a 9″ pie, crust, whipped-cream, fruit-filling, and all, in ….get this….UNDER 2 MINUTES….without using his hands.

He’s an animal.

This, of course, secured my deep and abiding respect for him.  And for his wife, who supports such heroic gastrointestinal fortitude.

And holds the camera.

So we went to their house for the first time last month, and it was there that my Left-Brained, logical, mechanical, methodic, detail-oriented, matter-of-fact husband truly bonded with Paul.  It was this that did it:

2013-10-26 17.59.21

Paul’s office.  Paul is a software engineer/experimenter/designer/creator/genius who can wolf down pastries with alacrity.  THIS is his command central.

My Captain began quizzing Paul about the hardware, the software, the connectivity, the speed, and everything in between.  You could see him relishing the pure, left-brainedness of the man before him.  He was in his element, happier than a seagull with a French fry.  On and on they went, discussing various computer-related, IT-ish topics…all of which were another language to me.

It was okay, though.  I was happy doing my right-brained thing.

2013-10-26 17.59.52

I had discovered his chair not only swiveled, but also went up and down!

As you can imagine, this kept me occupied for the rest of the evening.

At least, until, they brought out dessert.

My Captain and Me:  Same planet….totally different worlds.

Good thing Opposites Attract!

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