~ A Little Too Good With A Knife ~

Like any other Halloween, ours started with a vision, that morphed quickly into an unrealistic expectation, and matured into frustration.

But this year, it didn’t end in disappointment.

Which is nice.

As is normal, we start with the gutting.  Truly, it’s a man’s job. (Did I say ‘truly’?  I meant ‘Thankfully’)

2013-10-29 19.15.12

“Are you just going to watch me do all of these, Dear?”

You’re doing fine, love.  I’ll just sit here with the camera.

“mumble mumble rats a fratza….better get some roasted pumpkin seeds for this….”

2013-10-29 19.15.40

This can take a while, depending on the squash, man!

2013-10-29 19.21.51And then….Zee Arteeest begins his craft!

2013-10-29 19.22.00Zee Arteeest, he takes his craft more seriously than any homework assignment in the history of his five grades.

2013-10-29 19.34.48Uh.  Critter,…remember you have to carve the drawing you make.  Make sure it’s reasonable.

“Mom, I totally have got this.”

Okey Dokey.

2013-10-29 19.43.51EEK.  It’s amazingly scary, love.  Now, how are you going to carve it?  Keep your expectations realistic, honey.

2013-10-29 19.44.30I begged My Captain to keep Critter’s expectations in check when the carving came. I encouraged him to mitigate the disappointment. I feared the tears to come.  Why couldn’t we have just stuck with the ol’ triangle eyes and nose?

2013-10-29 20.25.43Apparently, ‘Perseverance’ was his strategy.  For two full hours, and very little help from My Captain, he kept at it.  Inch by inch he made his Jack-O-Lantern into EXACTLY what he had envisioned.

2013-10-29 20.26.04And everyone kept their digits.

2013-10-29 21.06.25

Here I was trying to lower expectations, and here he was, blowing me away with his talents.

Obviously there are times when it’s more helpful to say nothing.

NOT my strong suit…….

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2 thoughts on “~ A Little Too Good With A Knife ~

  1. “Here I was trying to lower expectations, and here he was, blowing me away with his talents.”
    – Mama Boe with another testament to the amazingness of life.

    Thank goodness kids live in a world unfettered by our fears and experiences of defeat. Because when they view things differently and believe in themselves, they show us a better world, a world where triumph reigns and dreams are reality about to happen. ♥

  2. Liz


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