~ It’s So Wrong. ~

I’M the one who adopted him.

I’M the one who brought him home in my car with Critter holding him gently, as he mewed piteously.

I’M the one who took him to the vet for his first check up, and got scratched when he needed to be held still on the scale.

I’M the one who bought him the special food.

I’M the one who made his bed out of my favorite fleece blanket so he wouldn’t be lonely his first nights.

I’M the one who bought the laser pointer for him to chase the red dot around and around and around with.

I’M the one who gives him his oral de-worming medicine.

I’M the one who scoops the cat box two stinkin’ times a day so it doesn’t smell up the Little Cottage.

But who does he sleep with?

2013-10-27 01.22.51

Who does he choose to snuggle with?

2013-10-27 01.23.17

Who does he believe will keep his wee little kitty-kins safe from harm as he slumbers peacefully?

2013-10-27 01.23.42

It’s just not right, I tell you.

My revenge?  Putting these photos on the blog.


WHAT?  It’s not like he’s naked, or anything (as far as you know).  Don’t judge!

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One thought on “~ It’s So Wrong. ~

  1. Liz

    OK, but you gotta’ admit – they guy IS a life-saver all around! (Not to mention he LOOKS really snuggly – oops, sorry!) And let’s face it, YOU are the one sticking nasty medicine down his throat with the SAME HANDS you just used to PLAY IN HIS POOP! I mean, ewwww!!! Really? I’d go snuggle with the life-saver with the clean hands too!!

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