~ Hot Pink Manly Men ~

Many of you may already know about the Firefighters across the nation showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Montgomery County is no exception.  A few years ago, My Captain’s fire department began to order their work shirts, house by house, in PINK.  And not just pink, HOT PINK.

Makes sense, being firefighters and all.

Last week, around the time the government shut down, My Captain took his shift to a National Park along the banks of the Potomac River, called the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Historic National Park, to do some training and drilling and basic reconnaissance / area familiarization.

He took this shot of them as they prepared for their evolution.

2013-10-01 14.46.57

I loved the pink!  LOVED IT!  Hot pink works on them!  If AWARENESS is the key to the whole Breast Cancer Awareness thing, they’ve nailed it!

I swear, these guys have the biggest hearts.

And you know, they kind of make pink look, well, MANLY!

Not just because it’s like a dare.  Like saying, “Yeah, we’re wearing pink.  Wanna make an issue of it?”

But mostly because it screams, “WE WANT OUR WOMEN TO LIVE.”

And that has got to be the most manly thing ever.


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