~ What It’s All About ~

The saga of the MUDPIT PROJECT, a collective evolution of “Might-As-Wells,” continues!  This week My Captain and I finally got the herringbone pattern of pavers, and all the pain-in-the-petootie cuts it required to finish the edges….DONE.  Next up?

2013-10-08 15.08.38

The Sand.

2013-10-08 15.10.32


2013-10-08 15.09.37

Critter and Varmint helped out as soon as they got off their respective school buses.   It was not as fun as it looks.  (Which, I realize, isn’t saying much of anything.)

You have to take dry concrete sand, and push it back and forth over the cracks and seams of the brickwork.  Then you have to tamp it with the gasoline powered tamper.

But wait!  We purchased our tamper Used!  And do you know what this means?  That’s right, Vern, it means we don’t have all of the original parts!  We had NO tamping sheath!

2013-10-08 15.10.41

It’s one thing to tamp gravel and sand with your bare-bottomed tamper (sounds so dirty!), but when you have your neato-cool, raw-thar expennnnsive pavers ready for tamping, you have to put the tamper’s protective sheath on the bottom, so it doesn’t scratch them thar raw-thar expennnnsive pavers!

Scratched pavers will make a Captain cry!!  Note to self.  Complete and total No-No!!!

My Captain, the consummate “Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome” hero that he is, quickly devised our own makeshift, wooden sheath that worked remarkably well.  Some left-over plywood and two-by-fours, some counter-sunk screws, and three different CVS-brand, heavy-duty, fabric band-aids later…. a sheath was born!

2013-10-08 15.09.44

Oh sure, he got frustrated, he muttered some, thankfully inaudible, phrases that the kids pretended not to hear; and he banged his thumb a time or two…right on the blister he got at the last FEMA collapse rescue training.

But he DID overcome.  And he did so in front of the kids, which is important!  They need to see how we adults deal with adversity, so that they have a clue how to behave when adversity hits them!  One simply does not give up when an obstacle is placed before them!  One does not simply say “To Hell with it” and go upstairs to finish her son’s half-eaten after school snack! Nay Nay!!  One perseveres!  And Persevere My Captain did!  (I, on the other hand, finished Critter’s snack….)

Yes, Critter and Varmint learned a lesson in perseverance this week.  A lesson powerful and meaningful enough that I suspect it will last well into their lives.  Score one for the ol’ parenting model! Woot! Woot!

And Me? What did I get out of this event?

2013-10-08 15.10.01

I got a hefty dose of eye-candy.

2013-10-08 15.09.53

And really, isn’t that what it is all about?

Don’t judge.

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4 thoughts on “~ What It’s All About ~

  1. captain9

    The phrase “adapt, overcome and improvise” is trademarked by the PSTA!! 😉 You forgot to give them credit in your blog. I thought a journalism major would KNOW that… 😉

    • It was first heard at the PSTA by none other than The Captain back in the 1980’s! hardy har har!!!

      • captain9

        Sorry to BUST your bubble, however it belongs to the MARINES.

        Improvise, Adapt and Overcome:
        An unofficial mantra of the Marine Corps based on the fact that the Corps generally received Army hand-me-downs and the troops were poorly equipped. Despite this, the Marine Corps has been successful mostly because of the creativity of its people and their success-based attitude.

        OH and let me quote my source on that one…http://oldcorps.org/USMC/dictionary.html

      • Vick….I WAS KIDDING. (geesh! So touchy!) “Hardy har har” is Laughing!!!

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