~ A Family Affair ~

My Captain has more help that he could possibly need on his “Project From Hell” out back.  He’s creating a walk-out basement where there was none.

It all started when he bought my brother Graham’s vintage Skeeball machine for Critter and Varmint for Christmas.  He figured he’d finish the basement and make a bigger door to get the machine in.  That led to a series of other “Might-As-Wells” that led to a full-blown excavation/building project.

It’s taking every ounce of his energy to do it.  His father often pitches in, and essentially it’s just the two of them working on it.

Until yesterday.  Yesterday Varmint and Critter were determined to be more of a ‘help’ and less of a ‘load.’  So they put down their toys, pulled on their Crocs boots, some sturdy gloves, and got to it.

That there is a healthy dose of mud.  Let’s see how much of it we can get inside the house!

Come here, Varmint.  I’ve got something you can do.

Varmint: Let me apply some 5th grade math.  Mom could never do this.  You’d better stick with me.

Me: Whatcha doin, love?

Varmint: I’m puttin’ the thingamagiggy into the whatchamacallit so we can cut the doo-dad.

World’s best Tamper.  Tamp. Tamp. Tamp.  Got something that needs tamping?  He’s your man.

My Captain: We unplug it when we measure and then plug it in when we’re ready to cut.  But not before then.

Varmint: Why?

Varmint: Ah.  Nevermind.

World’s best gravel shoveller.  Shovel. Shovel. Shovel.  Need some gravel shovelled? He’s your man.

Papa’s here!

He never lets me drive that thing.  What could possibly go wrong?

Critter: Mom! Look at this!

Critter: Papa said I could have it!

Me: What are you going to do with it?

Critter: I dunno.  I’ll find something good.

Me: I don’t doubt it.

Critter:  Do you want to come help us, Mom?

Me: No love.  I’ve got someone waiting for me.

Hello there, Darlin.  Ready to see what’s under all those leaves? It’s not as glamorous as the saw….

…but it can be equally rewarding.

And people wonder why we don’t have Cable TV.  Who has time to sit and watch it?

The world ain’t gonna wait for you!  So Go On!  Git Out There !!!

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2 thoughts on “~ A Family Affair ~

  1. EVFKirkpatrick

    Looks like it’s coming along nicely.

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