~ Weird Glamping ~

My Captain and I took Critter and Varmint out to Ohiopyle State Park the weekend before school started, to recharge their batteries, to give them something fresh to do so they wouldn’t spend the weekend in the pre-school-starting funk, so that we’d all have a change of venue, to breathe mountain fresh air and dabble our toes in nature a bit.   The Youghigheny river, a class III/IV whitewater, runs through Ohiopyle, and they have top-notch campgrounds and multiple hiking / biking trails.

The place is nothing short of awesome.

I’ve been going there ever since my friends Butch and Keith introduced me to it 20 years ago.  We’d go on weekend kayaking/camping trips and boy oh boy were those the good ol’ days!

I wanted to share some of that with my critter and varmint.

Mind you, when I camped back in those days, it was in borrowed 2 man tents, and I’d live on peanut butter and jelly for the weekend.  No more!  Now I glamp, Baby!  (May I call you Baby?)

2013-08-24 16.42.26

My Captain set up a big ‘easy up,’ which is a shade awning on four stakes, and I put homemade calico flags around the perimeter.  Our beds were well spaced out in our three room (with curtained privacy walls!) 8 man LL Bean dome tent…tall enough for even my 6’2″ Captain to stand up in!  We had gourmet dinners that I cooked with my Max Burton Butane Camp stove, and we had not marshmallows for the campfire…no Sirree, not JUST any old marshmallows!

2013-08-24 18.27.45

We had Peeps that I’d had as leftovers from one of our sledding adventures last January. Aren’t they cute?  Talk about adding some spice to a weekend camping trip!  GLAMPING, baby!

But, um, I hadn’t thought that all the way through.  It got a little weird.

2013-08-24 18.26.13

The stuff nightmares are made of.

I’m here to tell you that eating a S’more made out of a melted, partially decapitated snowman…..

pretty much tastes the same, but with emotional scarring.

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3 thoughts on “~ Weird Glamping ~

  1. Anonymous

    Of course, this begs the question. What were you doing with leftover Peeps?!?

  2. Of course, this begs the question. What were YOU doing with left over Peeps? It’s like left over wine or beer…something talked about, but never seen in real life!

  3. Don

    Peeps?? Leftovers??? Naw!!!

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