~ Last Alarm ~

I make it a point to post funny, happy stories here on Mama Boe.  I subscribe to the notion that anyone who comes back to read my drivel time and time again, is doing so for lighthearted entertainment.  Not Preaching.  Not Vicarious Thrills.  Not Sage Advice.

Seriously, Not Sage Advice.

So I am keenly aware that I am breaking my own rule here.  But this is something I feel compelled to do.

Yesterday 19 souls answered their last alarm in Arizona.  19 Firefighters.  19 too many died.  They died doing their job.

It’s an important job.  One that is unfortunately often taken for granted.  I live my life day-to-day knowing any emergency can be mitigated by a simple call to 911.  Maybe not solved, but certainly mitigated.  I know it, but I don’t think about it.  Until 19 people die.  Then I think about it and feel horrible.

19 broken hearts.

19 grieving mothers and fathers.

19 people who were willing to give up the only thing any one of us ever really has, in the service of others….their one and only life.

My Captain is such a firefighter.  He puts himself in harm’s way every shift, in one way or another.  Any day I could receive the same call the families of those 19 did.

I don’t live in fear of it.  Instead I celebrate that he is one of those souls strong and selfless enough to make that sacrifice for others.  Like the service men in the armed forces, like our police force, even like something less celebrated as a life guard on a beach….he is willing to die so that someone else may live.   How could I mourn such an individual?

Rather I am lovingly thankful and proud that he exists at all.

As I am grateful and proud of those 19 dead firefighters.

Well Done, men.  Well done on your Last Alarm.

May you rest in peace.

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4 thoughts on “~ Last Alarm ~

  1. I know. That’s tough, tough news today. I use the term “hero” stingily. But here? There is no question. They deserve our honor, and their families and loved ones, our deepest compassion.

  2. Anonymous

    I was saddened to read that news today. 19 brave men lost doing their best to save others. (WERE they all men? I don’t know.) My heart goes out to their families & friends today. I hope they are feeling proud of their heroes even as they mourn their loss. Godspeed to the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

  3. Well said… My heart goes out to the families of the 19 fallen ones… and to you MamaBoe..for your support to your Troy and his work of saving others! Thanks to you both!

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