~ Wiffle Ball Burn ~

Varmint has the uncanny knack of getting hurt in the safest situations EVER.

When she broke her elbow a couple of years ago, she did so tripping over someone at drama practice.

Who gets hurt at Drama Club?

Varmint, that’s who.

Fast forward to tonight.  She had been helping Critter’s teacher after school with Wiffle Ball Club, along with My Captain, and managed to get a bloody knee.


Sliding into base.

During Wiffle Ball.

With kids 11 and under.

When she was supposed to be just helping out, not playing.

Have you ever seen a wiffle ball?  It’s as benign as it sounds.

And yet there I was tonight, spraying liquid bandage on her knee while she bled freely in the kitchen.

I could not imagine what would happen if she took up an extreme sport.  She’d be a cross between Sonny Bono and an Ashley Twin…. all cuteness and head trauma.

ashley twin

Is that analogy inappropriate?  Forgive me, I’m tired.

But come on, it’s a little funny….

Nonetheless, she’s all mine, and I love her.   I guess I’ll keep the accident prone brat.

But I ain’t standing too close to her…..

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